Things to do in summer ☀️

So for most of you, summer has already began and you’re off school or college and have a whole summer of fun to have 😊 I have come up with a few ideas you and your friends or family can do over summer to ensure you don’t get bored, and you don’t blow the bank! Enjoy 💗

Water balloon fights 💦☀️

All you need is water balloons and a couple of friends, you can even use water guns/pistols! This idea is great for summer as you can cool off from the sun and have fun!

Morning walks or jogs 🌈

This is a perfect way to maintain your fitness during the summer, and by waking up early you can avoid the heat.

Come dine with me evenings

For a week during the summer, invite a few friends round for dinner and cook a lovely meal which they can rate out of 10. Each night a different friend will host the night!

Gardening 🌿🌿

Summer is the perfect time to clear out those old weeds and plant a few flowers.

Movie marathons🎬

All you need is lots of movies and lots of popcorn for this idea!

At home spas

💆🏼 Including:

– Nail art

– Facials

– Massages

– Pedicures

– Hairstyling

Sonia xxxxxx

Top 10 Youtubers – June

Zoe Sugg – Zoella

Rhett & Link – Good Mythical Morning

Sandi Ball – Cutepolish

Kevin Droniak – thiskidneedsmedicine

Bunny Mayer – Grav3yardgirl

Carina Stewart – carinastewart

Joe Sugg – Thatcher Joe

Dave and Gav – The Slow-Mo Guys

Corinne – ThreadBanger

Miranda – mirandasings

Sonia xxx

DIY Bath Crayons! 

Near to the bath section of shops, I tend to see these “Fun Bath Crayons” for children aged 2+, and in my opinion they’re a rip off! £4.99 ($7.56 and €6.70) for just two crayons.

However, they do look very fun and creative for toddlers in the bath, and wash off very easily, so I thought why not try and make my own…

You will need

  • 1/4 bar of soap – Dove works very well, due to the opaqueness
  • Coloured non-toxic dye – food colouring or pen ink works well
  • Empty lip balm tube- I had none of these lying around so I bought cheap lip balm tubes from Boots and discarded of the moisturising balm.

1/4 of a soap bar should make 3 crayons.


1. Break the bar of soap up into small chunks, and place in a microwave-proof bowl.

2. Next heat up the soap in 20 second intervals, ensuring it does not melt. After about a minute of being heated, the soap should be soft enough to mould.

3. At this point start to add the colour of your choice, kneeding it well in for even coverage. You can choose how opaque you would like the crayons to be depending on how much dye you use.

4. Once this is done heat again for 20 seconds to ensure it is still soft enough     to work with. You can then “squish” the soap into the lip balm tube.

And there you have it! This is so inexpensive as everything I I used I had lying around the house. I also love the fact that you can use it on your face and it will wash off, as it’s just soap.

* WARNING  * leaving the crayon on tiles for a long period of time may stain, depending on ink used.
– Sonia xxx

Scrap-Booking Help Needed!


It feels like forever since I last posted! I’ve just been very busy with exams and revision, as mentioned in the last post. Anyway, exams finish in about three weeks for me, and I actually feel like I’m going to have nothing to do!

Hopefully, this summer is going to be amazing! I will be completing my qualifying expedition in Peak District, for my Duke Of Edinburgh Silver Award, going on holiday to sunny Egypt, and taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS).

To have something to look forward to after exams (although my summer doesn’t sound fun enough) I’d like to create a scrapbook, including some pictures and notes to remember 2015 by.

However, there is just one tiny problem… I have no clue how to even scrapbook! I’m not at all creative and don’t even know where or how to start! I’m also planning on buying everything with my own money, so I don’t want to buy very expensive items, that I’ll never use again.

If any of you do like to scrapbook as a hobby, or know any useful tips, please feel free to comment below! Anything is appreciated!! Thanks for your help in advance,

Sonia xxxxxxx

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Temporary Break 🌿

Hey guys! Right now is a crutial time for me and Demi, as we have a lot going on, with exams and revision.

I know I only spend a few hours on our blog per week, it all does add up! And right now I need to be spending them hours on school. ✏️

I hope you understand and we will defiantly be back in a few weeks! I also have some exciting blogging to do about my Duke Of Edinburgh Practice Expedition in Derbyshire in a few weeks time!

For anyone else having exams in a few weeks time we wish you good luck 😊💗

All the love,

Sonia xxxxxx

40 Party Ideas! 

So for me, coming up with an idea for someone’s party is nearly impossible! 

Here is a quick and easy list for cool and funky ideas  when planning  a party.
Before I begin, I just would like to say these don’t just have to be for a birthday, they can also just be for a party you just feel like having, or just something to do with you and your friends!

1. Hot tub party
2. Spa party
3. Swimming party
4. Beach party
5. Bbq
6. House party
7. Nail party
8. Sleepover
9. Ice skating
10. Cinema
11. Bowling
12. Meal out with friends
13. Shopping haul
14. Football party
15. Crazy golf
16. Camping party
17. Picnic
18. Bouncy castle party
19. Glamping
20. Make over party
21. Trampolining party
22. Movie marathon
23. Baking challenge
24. Acting party (all guests have to dressed in characters and act like them for the whole time)
25. Bingo party
26. Holiday party
27. Celebrity themed party
28. Dessert party
29. Theme park party
30. Build a bear party
31. Touring party (spending the weekend in a city you’ve never visited)
32. Clubbing
33. Water fight party
34. Roller skating party
35. Make a pizza party
36. Mexican themed party
37. Karaoke party
38. Dance mat party
39. Horse riding party
40. Haunted party (halloween decorations and spend the night telling scary stories)
If you have any other ideas feel free to comment them below.
-S xxxx

DIY Easter Gifts Part 3

For part 3 I decided to teach you guys to make a delicious chocolate treat, that’s perfect for sharing with friends and family! Enjoy!

Chocolate Strawberry Slab
You will need: 
10 Strawberries
100g Chocolate 
3 Finely Crushed Almonds (optional) 
Step 1: Wash the strawberries and remove the stalks. 
Step 2: Cut the strawberries in half, length ways and then half again. The size of the strawberry depends on however you like it, but for me I prefer them to be pea sized. 
Step 3: Next, you will want to melt the chocolate. The best way to do this is by putting a pan of boiling hot water on the hob and using a glass bowl place the chocolate on top. If you need help doing this check out:
Step 4: Whilst your chocolate is melting, crush your almonds using a pestle and mortar. If you do not own one of these, feel free to crush the almonds using a rolling pin. 
Step 5: Once the chocolate is fully melted, add the almonds and cut strawberries and mix well.
Step 6:  At this point you can just pour the contents on a grease-proofed baking tray, and leave it to cool. If you do have spare almonds or strawberries feel free to place them on the top!
Step 7: Once the chocolate slap has cooled down and hardened, break it into smaller pieces. These don’t have to be evenly sized.
chocolate slab
And there you have it! I hope you liked my Easter DIYs and have a lovely Easter!
Sonia xxxx

DIY Easter Gifts Part 2

 So for part 2 I decided to show you how to make an origami swan/sweet holder. I think this idea is lovely for kids!
Step 1: Using squared paper, cut from a4, create two diagonal folds, meeting in the centre. 
Step 2: Fold the two outer flaps to join in the middle.

Step 3: Fold the ‘cone like’ side in half. Make sure this this firmly creased.   
Step 4: Turn the paper around, it should have two flaps like so.

Step 5. You will then need to push the two outer flaps inwards, and crease firmly. 
Step 6: Turn the paper back around.   
Step 6: Next, fold the tip back inwards, it does not need to be folded all the way.

Step 7: Using the previous crease line, fold in half length ways. Like so.

Holding the bottom of the swan, push the neck up and fold. You should be left with something like this.

Do the same with the beak and you’re done! 
Here is what my swan looked like on my table once I filled it with sweets! I hope the pictures were clear and easy to understand, and remember you can be creative as you like with your swan!

Sonia xx

DIY Easter Gifts! Part 1

So Easter is close by, and chocolate eggs were so last year! I have put together three unique and funky Easter gift ideas for your friends and family! 

I will post three more just before Easter, but here is part one.
Message In An Egg.
These are the most funkiest little gifts ever, you can decorate them however you like and add a cute and unique message to that special someone!
You will need:
1 egg
Coloured paper
Ballpoint pen
A bowl
Knitting needle or skew stick
Start by washing the egg thoroughly, using warm tap water.
Next crack a small whole at the very top of the egg, this may be tricky to do at first, so practice before hand! You will want the hole you have made to be able to fit the knitting needle or skew stick.
After remove the contents of the egg, by putting the knitting needle back and forth in the egg, ensuring you crack the yolk too.
Once you have removed the contents wash the egg gently in hot water.
You will have to leave it to air in a warm place like a window sill for at least 24 hours. This ensures the egg is fully dry and will not smudge what ever we put inside.
Now it’s time to get creative! Using a small piece of paper (5cm by 3cm) write the message you would like to go into your egg.
Example: “Happy Easter Sue!”
Roll the message up and place into the egg, using the hole. You can also add a few gems, beads or even some glitter!
Soon after, you will want to cover the hole. I find the best way to do this is by using small bits of ripped tissue and gluing them onto the hole.
Once that is completely dry, you’re free to paint the eggs however you like! The best way of doing this is with spray paint, as it blends in lovely and leaves a full even coverage. Paint also works great too!
Place your egg in a small cute (5x5x5cm) box and add some paper shreds or mini chocolate eggs and you’re done!
I love this gift idea as it’s not too expensive and unique!
Hope you enjoyed this too,
Love Sonia xxxxxx