Girl Online { Review }

Now before I start, yes I do totally admit the only reason I wanted this book was because it was written by Zoella!😃

Anyway, the story line is great, kinda clichè but also unique. The novel starts off with Penny, a typical teenage girl living in Brighton, near the beach with her “out-of-school-boy-best-friend” Elliot. Penny, just like everyone, is clumsy at times, and gets completely embarrassed at almost anything she does, including just walking home! But Penny secretly writes a blog, and has been for years. She claims it’s her way of expressing her feelings that she cannot share with anyone else. A few chapters later, she flies off to New York with her mum dad and best friend, for a wedding that her mum organised. Penny meets heart-throbbing Noah, an eighteen year old boy from Boston, but he too has a secret… Penny and Noah quickly form a “holiday romance” and before they know it, they’re celebrating Christmas together. However, as soon as penny flies back to Brighton, everything turns around, and Penny’s life goes from bad to worse…

I did enjoy this novel, however considering the two main characters were sixteen and eighteen, I felt the written language used was for a younger generation. I think personally this may have been because Zoella herself is quite young, and that may just be her style of writing. 

My favourite part of the book was when Penny overcame her fear of flying a plane and her mum and friend Elliot were supportive the whole journey, as it could be relatable for almost anyone, who’s scared of doing something, and just needs the support by a loved one. 

I would recommend this book to someone aged around twelve to fourteen who likes a quick read and not carry on a whole series, I would say it would be a good book to keep in your bag for car journeys or lunch breaks. 
Overall I would give this book 4/5, mainly due to the huggeeeee plot twist at the end! 
Hope you found this review useful and if you do have any questions feel free to ask in the comments! 

– S xxxxxx


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