Revision Top Tips! 

So exam season is getting close and it is important you try your best, and work hard. Here are the five best tips that will help you study, focus and achieve those desirable grades!
Don’t revise last minute!
Plan ahead. It’s very important you recap and understand the work you did in class, and if there anything you are unsure about or don’t remember learning, then ask your teachers, they are there to help. Ensure you know the majority of the unit then test yourself, using old papers, quizzes or completing worksheets.
Revising before hand will also mean you have time to organise yourself and not have to panic when it comes closer to the exam.
Don’t just use your book/folder to revise!
Personally, I find it impossible to use my own books from class to revise from, they end up not making sense or being so vague! I recommend you use text books and the Internet to help you drift. This ensures you get a variety of information from different resources.
The links below are some of my favourite websites to use whilst I revise:
1. (search for a topic, for example ‘photosynthesis’ or ‘how to solve differentiation’)
Helpful channels on YouTube:
– crash course
– asapscience
– scishow
– hegartymaths
– mygcsemaths
2. (This contains everything for students aged four to sixteen)
3. (useful for worksheets to print and complete)
4. Your school website! This could have useful information and work that is suitable and relevant.
Make your work interesting
The last thing you want whilst revising is constantly reading from boring black and white notes, written on lined paper. Use colouring pens/pencils and highlighters! This makes your work look more exciting and interesting to read. Try colour coordinating your work, for example Maths can be blue and English could be pink, and Biology could be green.
Draw pictures to help you understand your work! This is always fun to do, just make sure the picture is useful and labeled.
Try different ways to write notes, here are a few things you can try:
– Cue cards
– Mind maps
– Posters
– Power points
– Photos or drawing
– Sticky notes to pin up around the room
If you have time, experiment with all of them and see which works best form you, and remember everyone is different!!
Eat healthy
Don’t start rolling your eyes, it’s something we hear everyday by almost everyone, but it’s important.
You need to make sure you are getting a balanced diet and are not skipping meals due to revision. A balanced diet will ensure your brain is fully awake and able to function, especially if your exam is in the morning!
Drinking water is also very important.
Help others!
If you feel confident on a subject, teach it to your peers or family members who don’t know it as well. This will actually increase the chance of it sticking in your brain longer!
If you have any questions about exams, or have any other tips, then feel free to post them below in the comments!
Good Luck! 🙂 – Sonia xxxx

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