Nail Care! 💅

 Like other teenaged girls who have have a lot of spare time, I love to make sure my nails are looking healthy and gorgeous! Here are a few things I use to achieve that…

Burts Bees Cuticle Cream 
Price: £5 $7.53 €6.60 
I know this product is very popular, because it’s a pure miracle worker! but for the amount you get it is quite pricey. I massage this into my nails twice a week, as it adds a lot of moisture. 
Nivea Hand Cream 
Price: £1.50 $2.60 €2
This is just ordinary hand cream, that you can find at your nearest drug store, and it’s quite a good price. I use this whenever my hands feel dry, especially in the winter. 
Number 7 Stay Perfect Base & Top Coat 
Price: £7 $10.55 €9.34
Whenever I apply nail polish, I always use this product! It strengthens the nail and adds a beautiful shine! 
Clinton Nail Filer (3 pack)
Price: £1 $1.60 €1.34
This was part of a gift that I received, but you can buy them on their own. There’s nothing unusual about this type of filer, but it’s always handy to have more than one! 
Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover
Price: £4.50 $6.70 $6
Now, I have had this product for a very long time, and it’s amazing! All you do is apply it to your cuticles, wait around five minutes, then wipe away! 
If you would like to ask us anything about nails, or have product you use and would love to share, feel free to et is know in the comments! 
💗Also have a look at the gallery section of our blog, where I’ll be posting a picture of all the products I’ve mentioned! 💗
– S xxx