Bucket List 2015 


So I’ve decided to create a bucket list for 2015, by the end of this year I would have liked to: 

1. See One Direction again
I’ve seen One Direction last year in May, and it was amazing!! I can’t wait to see them again after summer on their On The Road Again Tour!
2. Complete my D of E
This is the most exciting thing on my bucket list!! I started my Silver Duke Of Edinburgh last November, and I hope to complete it in December. This includes a three day expedition, 12, 6 and 3 months of activities and a presentation at the end!
3. Pass all my GCSES
So this summer I’ll be sitting all of my GCSE exams, I really hope to pass all of my subjects with at least a B.
4. Go ice skating
This has been on my bucket list for over two years! The nearest ice skating rink is two hours away from where I live, and I’ve just always wanted to go!
5. Go on holiday
Hopefully after my exams finish and schools out for summer, I’ll be flying off to somewhere amazing for a week!
6. Dye my hair
7. Grow my hair
I’m attempting to grow my hair at least four inches this year, I’m trying not to cut it at all, and also avoiding using heat on my hair.
8. Buy a camera
So I’m hoping in A-Levels to do photography, and build up a portfolio of pictures I’ve taken over the year.
9. Get a pet
For my birthday I would love to have a pet!! I don’t even mind if it’s just a fish
10. Go camping
I’ve never been camping in my whole life and my expedition I mentioned earlier will be the first time! I can’t wait to camp out in the lovely countryside.
11. See the northern lights
This too has been on my bucket list for years! I hope to see the northern lights during winter this year.
What’s on your bucket list for 2015? Comment below!
– S xxxxx