Nail Art Tips&Tricks

As I’ve mentioned before, I love nail art! However some items and products can be so pricey, and when buying a cheaper version it never looks as good!

So here are a few of my tricks into making nail art tools that work just as well.

Dotting tool

Try using a ball point biro pen. These can be found anywhere and run out fast, if you write as much as I do! It is perfect for getting the average size dot.

Striping brush

Just grab an old nail brush and slowely trim sway accedes bristles, until it is thin enough to use. Just remember to wipe the polish off after use, otherwise once the nail polish has tried it becomes hard.

Striping tape

For this I tend to use masking tape, and using scissors I cut the tape to the size I want. Just ensure the nail polish is super dry! And done use Sellotape as it can peel the polish off.

I’m a very very messy nail polish ‘applier’. I manage to get it all over the skin on my fingers. However I recently discovered that using Vaseline and applying it around the nail ensures it’s easier to wipe off at the end!

If you have any nail tips feel free to comment below

– Sonia xxxx