DIY Easter Gifts! Part 1

So Easter is close by, and chocolate eggs were so last year! I have put together three unique and funky Easter gift ideas for your friends and family! 

I will post three more just before Easter, but here is part one.
Message In An Egg.
These are the most funkiest little gifts ever, you can decorate them however you like and add a cute and unique message to that special someone!
You will need:
1 egg
Coloured paper
Ballpoint pen
A bowl
Knitting needle or skew stick
Start by washing the egg thoroughly, using warm tap water.
Next crack a small whole at the very top of the egg, this may be tricky to do at first, so practice before hand! You will want the hole you have made to be able to fit the knitting needle or skew stick.
After remove the contents of the egg, by putting the knitting needle back and forth in the egg, ensuring you crack the yolk too.
Once you have removed the contents wash the egg gently in hot water.
You will have to leave it to air in a warm place like a window sill for at least 24 hours. This ensures the egg is fully dry and will not smudge what ever we put inside.
Now it’s time to get creative! Using a small piece of paper (5cm by 3cm) write the message you would like to go into your egg.
Example: “Happy Easter Sue!”
Roll the message up and place into the egg, using the hole. You can also add a few gems, beads or even some glitter!
Soon after, you will want to cover the hole. I find the best way to do this is by using small bits of ripped tissue and gluing them onto the hole.
Once that is completely dry, you’re free to paint the eggs however you like! The best way of doing this is with spray paint, as it blends in lovely and leaves a full even coverage. Paint also works great too!
Place your egg in a small cute (5x5x5cm) box and add some paper shreds or mini chocolate eggs and you’re done!
I love this gift idea as it’s not too expensive and unique!
Hope you enjoyed this too,
Love Sonia xxxxxx