40 Party Ideas! 

So for me, coming up with an idea for someone’s party is nearly impossible! 

Here is a quick and easy list for cool and funky ideas  when planning  a party.
Before I begin, I just would like to say these don’t just have to be for a birthday, they can also just be for a party you just feel like having, or just something to do with you and your friends!

1. Hot tub party
2. Spa party
3. Swimming party
4. Beach party
5. Bbq
6. House party
7. Nail party
8. Sleepover
9. Ice skating
10. Cinema
11. Bowling
12. Meal out with friends
13. Shopping haul
14. Football party
15. Crazy golf
16. Camping party
17. Picnic
18. Bouncy castle party
19. Glamping
20. Make over party
21. Trampolining party
22. Movie marathon
23. Baking challenge
24. Acting party (all guests have to dressed in characters and act like them for the whole time)
25. Bingo party
26. Holiday party
27. Celebrity themed party
28. Dessert party
29. Theme park party
30. Build a bear party
31. Touring party (spending the weekend in a city you’ve never visited)
32. Clubbing
33. Water fight party
34. Roller skating party
35. Make a pizza party
36. Mexican themed party
37. Karaoke party
38. Dance mat party
39. Horse riding party
40. Haunted party (halloween decorations and spend the night telling scary stories)
If you have any other ideas feel free to comment them below.
-S xxxx