Scrap-Booking Help Needed!


It feels like forever since I last posted! I’ve just been very busy with exams and revision, as mentioned in the last post. Anyway, exams finish in about three weeks for me, and I actually feel like I’m going to have nothing to do!

Hopefully, this summer is going to be amazing! I will be completing my qualifying expedition in Peak District, for my Duke Of Edinburgh Silver Award, going on holiday to sunny Egypt, and taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS).

To have something to look forward to after exams (although my summer doesn’t sound fun enough) I’d like to create a scrapbook, including some pictures and notes to remember 2015 by.

However, there is just one tiny problem… I have no clue how to even scrapbook! I’m not at all creative and don’t even know where or how to start! I’m also planning on buying everything with my own money, so I don’t want to buy very expensive items, that I’ll never use again.

If any of you do like to scrapbook as a hobby, or know any useful tips, please feel free to comment below! Anything is appreciated!! Thanks for your help in advance,

Sonia xxxxxxx

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