DIY Bath Crayons! 

Near to the bath section of shops, I tend to see these “Fun Bath Crayons” for children aged 2+, and in my opinion they’re a rip off! £4.99 ($7.56 and €6.70) for just two crayons.

However, they do look very fun and creative for toddlers in the bath, and wash off very easily, so I thought why not try and make my own…

You will need

  • 1/4 bar of soap – Dove works very well, due to the opaqueness
  • Coloured non-toxic dye – food colouring or pen ink works well
  • Empty lip balm tube- I had none of these lying around so I bought cheap lip balm tubes from Boots and discarded of the moisturising balm.

1/4 of a soap bar should make 3 crayons.


1. Break the bar of soap up into small chunks, and place in a microwave-proof bowl.

2. Next heat up the soap in 20 second intervals, ensuring it does not melt. After about a minute of being heated, the soap should be soft enough to mould.

3. At this point start to add the colour of your choice, kneeding it well in for even coverage. You can choose how opaque you would like the crayons to be depending on how much dye you use.

4. Once this is done heat again for 20 seconds to ensure it is still soft enough     to work with. You can then “squish” the soap into the lip balm tube.

And there you have it! This is so inexpensive as everything I I used I had lying around the house. I also love the fact that you can use it on your face and it will wash off, as it’s just soap.

* WARNING  * leaving the crayon on tiles for a long period of time may stain, depending on ink used.
– Sonia xxx